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Guitar Lessons


Guitar Lessons take place every Wednesday  in the Music Room. Lessons cost £75 per term and are payable in advance via parent pay.

Lessons take place in small groups of about 4 students.

All students will need to purchase their own guitar for lessons as we do not have any guitars for hire. Details of which guitar to buy will be given by Mr Gunter, the Guitar teacher.

If you would like to learn this instrument then please pick up a form from the school office or speak to Mrs Ogunniyi or Mrs Lacey.

Mr Massey

Mr Massey is a guitar teacher from Harrow Music Service and has been at St John's for a number or years.

He started learning classical guitar aged about seven through his local music service, although it was sort of a family instrument as his dad played jazz and his uncle almost had a career with a few rock bands in the 80s.

He played (and still does) electric at home but eventually my classical side took me to the finals of the BBC Young Musician competition in 2006, and then he went on to study further at the Royal Academy of Music. Mr Massey says, "The guitar is an amazing instrument, it gives me great enjoyment and also inspiration to introduce it to children. I've learnt a lot from them too!"

David Massey
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