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Violin and Viola


Violin and Viola lessons are taught in the Music Practice Room all day on Thursdays.  Lessons cost £70 per term and are payable in advance via parent pay.

Please find the timetable below for the Autumn Term.  It is important that you know what time your lesson is each week.

We have a large number of violins of different sizes that are available to hire for £15 per term.  Please speak to Mrs Lacey if you would like to hire one.

Mrs Habberfield

Mrs Habberfield has been teaching violin and viola with Harrow Music Service for a number of years and has been with us at St John's for over 3 years. 

She was born and raised in South Wales where she studied Violin, Piano and Voice before leaving for the University of Exeter for a degree in French and Music.

A career in Banking followed in London until a combination of motherhood and ill-health resulted in an extended period away from the workplace.

More recently, she has taught Classroom Music, nursery French and now mainly peripatetic violin/viola in Harrow schools. 

Other interests include (Welsh) rugby, Politics, Genealogy, Etymology, Literature, Mediæval Languages & History, Auto-immune diseases, Fine-Dining & Theatre.

Stessy H(1)
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