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Updates from Boreatton Park

Monday 3rd June

5pm - Just to let you know they have all arrived at Boreatton Park and are busy unpacking in their rooms before enjoying this afternoon’s activities.

Tuesday 4th June

8am - Children are up and lively today. It's raining a fair bit but they are sure to have plenty of fun.

Today's activities include:

Raft Building

Giant Swing


High Ropes

And they will finish the day around the campfire!

Wednesday 5th June

Yesterday was a fun but very wet day.  The children really enjoyed themselves and took part in lots of challenging team work activities.  They have done us proud in listening to and following instructions from their PGL leaders.  We have heard lots of lovely positive feedback about how well behaved and respectful the children are.

Due to heavy rains we decided to give the children a film night instead of the campfire – they were very thankful!  All were tucked up in beds with lights out by 10pm and by 10.15pm all was quiet.  Most are still asleep now at 7am, but will be woken shortly to start another day of activities.

The weather is cloudy but at least the rain is holding off!

Today’s activities include:



Jacob’s Ladder

Wacky Races

Thursday 6th June

The children had another great day full of challenges such as learning how to canoe and climb Jacobs ladder (it’s harder than it looks!).  It was lovely hearing the teams shout encouraging words to their peers and give advice as well as learn different ways to give a leg lift and pull their friends higher. We also took part in archery which required focus and calm as the children positioned themselves, learned how to hold and prepare the bow and arrow, and focus on their target before shooting!

After rationing their sweets from home there was a great cheer when they found out they had their FIRST visit to the shop. Given only £5 to spend, it was great to see them budgeting. As you can guess, many children spent their money on MORE SWEETS, it was a good laugh to hear them talk strategically about putting all the sweets together  for a ‘midnight feast’ - but thankfully for us teachers they were too exhausted and again another night of gentle snores as most were asleep not long after 10:30pm.

We look forward to another fun filled day with quad biking, rifle shooting, high ropes and rock climbing and the giant swing.


Friday 7th June

Yesterday lots of the children conquered their fear of heights as they climbed the rock wall and walked along the high ropes. We are very proud of them all.

The children were excited by the rifle shooting and learnt how to check and prepare the rifles before aiming for the targets. We also had great fun on the quad bikes.

In orienteering the children really developed their map reading skills.

The children really showed a team effort when having to PULL the high swing as high as they could.

An exhausting but fun filled day!


All children are now awake at 7am and doing the final suitcase check and clearing their rooms before breakfast.

This morning's activities will be orienteering and abseiling.

After lunch we will set off and keep you updated on our estimated time of arrival.


They have left the centre and are on their way back to school and should be here hopefully by 5pm. Please keep checking here for updates on their time of arrival.

Timecheck update :
Approximately 5.30pm arrival as had to do a detour as the M1 is closed!

5PM - Back on the M1 currently passing through  Luton

5.30PM- Arriving now!

Please give a helpful hand when we arrive to unload the coach before we release the children so that we can return them to you quickly and safely.

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