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Art and Design

Art and Design across St John's C of E School


Art and Design Subject Intent, Implementation and Impact

Art and Design Progression of Knowledge, Understand and Skills

The National Curriculum Progression of Knowledge, Understanding and Skills outlines what we wish for our children to be able to learn throughout their time at St John's School

Art is...


Autumn 1

Year 1:

Self portrait using collage, paint and pastles.

Year 2:

Abstract Portrature in the style of Pablo Picasso

Year 4:

Stone Age are Printing

Year 5:

William Morris Print Making

Year 6:

Media exploration (painting, ink, dye, textiles, pencils, crayon, pastels)


Autumn 2

Year 5:

Space Art  in the style of Peter Thorpe 

Year 6:

Form (3D clay work and structure) Dragon Eyes



Spring 1

Year 1:

3D structures and collage.

Year 2:

Clay: Chinese terracotta Warriors 

Year 3:

Clay: Making Cartouche exploring Eygtpian Hieroglyphics

Year 4:

Roman Mosaics


Spring 2

Year 3

Costal and Landscape Art focusing on a variety of artists (drawing and painting)

Year 6

Movement art


Summer 1

Year 3




Summer 2

Year 1

Aborigional Art - African Art

Year 2

Painting and Printing - African Animals 

Year 4

Observation Drawing - Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh

Year 5

Pop Art - Andy Warhol 

Knowledge Organisers

Please find the Art Knowledge Organisers for each unit of work below. These documents are very useful in outlining the content of the unit of work, knowledge, understanding and skills that our pupils will develop. 


Pupil Voice

At St. John's we value what our pupils have to say about our Curriculum, and we take on board their feedback to ensure our curriculum is rich and engaging for all. 

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