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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement.


Autumn Term

Autumn 1:

Year 1: Our Local Area

Autumn 2:

Year 2: Explorers

(Christopher Columbus and Niel Armstrong)

Year 3:Coasts & Stanmore

Year 4:The Rainforest

Year 5:Scandinavia 

Year 6: Amazing America

Spring Term

Spring 1:

Year 2: China 

Year 6: 8 Point Compass 

Spring 2:

Year 1:My country

Year 3: London to Jamaica

Year 4: Water cycle

Year 5: European countries

Summer Term

Summer 1:

Year 4: Volcanoes

Summer 2:

Year 1:Continents 

Year 2: Kenya 

Year 3: South America

Year 5: Marvellous Maps and Mountains

Year 6: Our changing world 

Progression of Skills

Our progression maps, outline the knowledge, skills and understanding we hope for our children to skills gain across Key Stage 1 and 2. We hope you find this document useful.

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