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Musical Extravaganza


The extravaganza's were put on to celebrate all the children who learn instruments in the school.  There are so many children learning instruments at St John's that we had split the event over two evenings!  We saw so many performances from cellists, violinists, drummers, woodwind players and brass players, as well as the orchestra and Sing Up Club performing too.

Over 150 children from St John's school were involved over two nights, performing to a packed audience of friends and family.


It was a great opportunity for the children to showcase their learning and have the opportunity to perform to such a large audience. Some of the children who took part had only been learning for half a year. 

Amongst those who came to support their children were some fo the school governors and also Sue McCall (Head of Harrow Music Service), She was very impressed by the concert and called St Johns 'A beacon school for music.'

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