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News at St John's

Whipsade zoo pic 2

Year 2 Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Year 2 went on a very exciting trip to Whipsnade Zoo. In Science they are learning about living things and their habitats. They visited lots of different animals and saw them in their different habitats.

Some of the animals they saw were Penguins, Giraffes, Red Pandas, Otters, Sea creatures in the Aquarium, Butterflies, Rhinos, Camels and Elephants. They were even allowed to visit the new Monkey Enclosure to see the Macaques, which was a special treat because it was not yet open to the public! Year 2 had an amazing time and really loved seeing all the animals in their  different habitats. 

5 Beethoven Science Experiments

In science, 5 Beethoven have been busy coming up with their own experiments, considering predictions and measuring outcomes to come to a conclusion.

Yesterday they enjoyed the lovely weather and took the opportunity to carry out their experiments. All sorts of things were going on! From finding out whether different foods would change the colour of water, to finding out how much sugar could be put in before it can be detected in juice and plenty of experiments which involved seeing how their heartrates would be raised!

The class had lots of fun and it is fair to say they some extremely creative thinking took place!

5B pic 1
5B Greenwich

Recount by Sofia 5B

Last Friday, we went on an amazing trip that will be an everlasting memory to me at the Royal Observatory and Planetarium in Greenwich. Year 5 had an amazing adventure at Greenwich seeing extraordinary ancient artefacts taking us on a trip back in time; learning about our topics Tudors and space.

On this trip I learnt, more about the daily lives of Tudors, how they preserved food, more about planets through the universe on our doorstep and I learnt that in Greenwich Time starts there! It was such a fun experience and I loved the planetarium. I hope we have more trips like this in the future!

Year 5 Trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich

Recount by Ariana 5V

Hi, I’m going to talk about our trip. On the 26 January, we went to the National Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The trip was linked to our science topic, which was space. We saw the National Maritime Museum as well as going to see the planetarium.

In the morning, we went to the Maritime museum, where we saw a room about Tudors which was good because in History, we are learning about them! I felt very excited, as this was the first school trip we’ve had in 5 years!

After the museum, we went to have lunch. In my group, we sat at a table and had a rest while we ate. By the end of lunch I was more than ready to carry on.

Next we went on a trail, we saw the Prime Meridian line separating the East and the West. It felt so cool to be standing on the line! When we went inside we saw telescopes, sundials and much more! After that we went up a big hill to see a show. I was so ready to see it. When we got inside, we lay back on the chairs and the show started….It taught us about the planets and their surfaces. Then we went to the shop to spend our £5.

Finally we went home.

Music at St John's

Trinity Orchestra Family Concert

Fifteen children from across years 4-6 took part in the Trinity Orchestra Family Concert on Saturday last weekend. They had been busy practicing with Mrs Ogunniyi during their lunch times and then joined with Kids Choir Harrow and other singers from Norbury School for the concert on Saturday. 

It was a fantastic concert and the children sang amazingly well. There were lots of pieces that the children would recognise and the concert was aimed at children. Sophie (who played Ace from Dr Who) presented both concerts and was amazing at getting audience participation. We were sent a thank you letter from Monika, who is the head of Harrow Music Service. In it she said, "Their singing (and moves) in the Carmen pieces, Lord of the Rings and the hauntingly beautiful Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission moved us all and provided a real highlight in both concerts. I don’t think there were many dry eyes in the house during The Mission!  Beau spoke very clearly too and didn’t appear at all nervous even though she might have been."

She also went on to say how impressive it was that the children had learnt the songs so quickly after a busy time at choir showcase and with the orchestra also performing at the MFY concert during the same week and acknowledged that our school is truly deserving of being a Music Mark school and the Lead Primary School for  Music, in the borough.

Well done to all involved.

trinitytrinity 2
cross country (2)

Sport at St John's

Cross Country

Five children took part in the cross country finals day at Newton Farm primary school. Four Year 6 boys who qualified as a team into the final and Ariana in Year 5 who represented the girls alone in the Year 5 girls race. The conditions were not the best due to the heavy rain we have had over the last few weeks but we are so proud of the children for their commitment and  resilience to keep going despite that. There were around 50-60 children in each race which made it extremely competitive. Inthe girls race Ariana finished 5th overall, which is fantastic given the competition of the other girls, so we are very proud of her. Mason finished 3rd overall in Year 6 and received his bronze medal. Alex came in 5th, Noah in 10th and Arthur in the top 20.

Well done team!! We have done St John's proud!!

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