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Thank You Vicar Week

The week beginning 14th October was ‘National Thank Your Vicar Week’. We at St John’s C of E School, Stanmore are really blessed to have the Revd Matthew Stone as our local Rector and Chair of Governors. Matthew gives so much to our school and community that we thought it was about time that we said Thank You!

We surprised Matthew on Wednesday 16th October with a special school whole assembly. We sat Matthew on a throne and placed a crown upon his head as he is the ‘King’ of our school. Year 6 pupils wrote and read some special poems describing Matthew’s many outstanding attributes.

Bible readings and prayers were also read. We sang two of Matthew’s favourite hymns and changed the lyrics to one hymn to match Matthew character. The assembly ended with a final blessing for Matthew, his two lovely children and his special wife by the new vicar of All Saints, Harrow Weald, Revd Dr John Barker. 

Matthew was surprised by the assembly and expressed that he felt  “Overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown" 


Some of the Poems written by year 6 Pupils

Matthew Stone by Malia Year 6

Matthew Stone there is a reason your last name is Stone as you are the rock of our school. You build us up higher and higher. You do so much for our school and still manage to raise children. You are an inspiration to us all and we are so happy that you are our Rector.

You are not just our school Rector you play a huge part in our school community too. You always go out of your way with assemblies that make us all laugh uncontrollably. St John’s would be so dull without you.

I don’t know how you manage it all and I know for a fact that no one would be able to do your job as well as you – You are the BEST!

We might not show it but you are the foundation of our school.

Thank you so much Matthew Stone.


Amazing Matthew By Raff Year 6

Matthew you are amazing.

You are always there to care.

You are kind, caring and generous,

We have a great debt to bare.


Matthew is the light of our school.

He carries us through the darkness.

Using the power of words,

He shows the children the way.


He walk in with a smile on,

His arms open to all,

On top of this he is fun and his assemblies inspire



When we are down he shows us the way up

And that we can do

Everything Through Christ Who Gives Us Strength


Matthew You

Make a Difference!!


Matthew By Anastasia Year 6

Matthew you are the best Rector our school could ever have!

All of the laughs from your jokes came pure from the heart.

The prayers you bless us with show your love and care for us and our school.

To not call you the best Rector we know is a crime.

Humorous jokes are the best way to describe you, well apart from being the best Rector in the world of course!

Every assembly you lead is an opportunity for us as children to enjoy your company as our Rector.

When you smile you light up our hall so much that you are the second light of OUR world.

Thank You Matthew                 


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