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Year 4 Gordon Brown Trip 2019

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Year 4 Gordon Brown Trip 2019

Both classes had a tour around the site and some time with the different animals: goats, chickens, pigs and rabbits.

4CSL took part in camp fire building and cooked some popcorn over their fire whilst 4D took part in a den building task.

They had a good feed at lunch and dinner followed by a visit to the tuck shop before enjoying an evening campfire singing along to campfire songs.  The enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and some biscuits before heading back to their dorms to get ready for bed.


Most of the children had a good night’s sleep, and we woke up to a cold and frosty morning.   4D have spent the morning out fire building and 4CSL have been den building.  It was too cold to use the natural clay to attempt clay making so we got to visit an old bomb shelter instead.

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